Wooden Hot Tub
Buyers Guide

your rustic tub options

Buying a wooden hot tub is big decision and we want it to be a purchase you can enjoy for years to come - whilst there are lots of common elements to a Rustic Tub there are also a number of key personalisations you can make to make the tub your very own.

step one

Choose your wooden hot tub

Choose between our full height Rustic Tub or a shorter Stubby Tub.

Full Height Tub

Our most popular - if you want to fit the most people into the smallest area then a standard full-height hot tub is the best choice.

Sitting at 3'7 high - these red wood cedar barrel hot tubs are available in several 'off the shelf' sizes.

Stubby Tub

Stubby Tubs have been designed for if you need a lighter tub for a balcony or raised deck. They are also much quicker to heat and use much less water too.

Perfect if you have young children or perhaps for an occasional holiday home.

step two

Choose your diameter

Our wooden hot tubs come in a range of standard sizes from 4'6 through to a whopping 7'

A rough quide to capacities


Perfect for 4 - 6 average adults or the front row of a rugby team!

We consider a small tub to be our 4'6" & 5' options. The 5' is our best selling wooden hot tub by far.


For 6 - 9 guests we would recommend either our 5'6 or 6' rustic tubs.

Capacities are only approximate - remember the bigger the tub the longer to heat up and a bigger water bill too.

Extra Large 7'

So you're party people!

Around 10 - 12 guests (14 at a push) can enjoy the tub

Bigger tubs need bigger access to install, more heat and lots of water!


Select your heating method

Choose between wood fired 🔥, traditional electric or air source heating, or no hearting at all 🥶

Wood Fire

Electric Flow Heater

Air Source Heating



Now you have the size of your tub all figured out you have a number of ways to tailor the final product to fit your needs.

Hot Tub Lids


Jets & Lights